Pharmacogenetics Research Clinic

Our team

We consist of interdisciplinary researchers from psychiatry, neuroscience, biostatistics and bioinformatics fields. The ultimate goal of our studies is to find clinical and genetic determinans of drug response and side effects.

Principal Investigator

Dr. Daniel Müller
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Dr. James Kennedy
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Project Scientists

Dr. Arun Tiwari
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Dr. Clement Zai

Postdoctoral Fellows

Dr. Margaret Maciukiewicz
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Dr. Li Qin

Dr. Kazu Yoshida

Dr. Anne-Christin Hauschild
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Victoria Marshe

Jonathan Liu

Farhana Islam

Summer Students

Research Volunteers

Research Staff

Ilona Gorbovskaya

Lab Manager of the Neurogenetics Section at CAMH

Natalie Freeman


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