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Words by our patients

Patient #1 : ”I am a 67 year old woman who has had depression as long as I can remember. (…) I had asked my doctor if there were blood tests for the medication.I was disappointed to discover there were no tests. I came across an article about your research with DNA and (…) a more precise approach to medication. I hope I see the day that I can take medication that will help me be joyful. Keep up the good work.”

Patient #2 : "Since I was 30 I've been taking a low-dose antidepressant and I am grateful for it. But has either of those antidepressant best choice for me? I am hoping to find out (...) it'll be interesting to see if science- a DNA test will confirm this is the right medication for me. The study, developed by Dr. Daniel J. Mueller, (...) is just one effort by researchers to make prescrbing less random” Check the full text by the Best Health to read the full text in PDF

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