Pharmacogenetics Research Clinic

Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

Response and side effects to psychotropic medications are significantly related to genetic factors. CAMH’s new Pharmacogenetics Research Clinic started in 2008 and is one of the first of its kind dedicated to understanding the genetics of patients’ response and side effect to psychiatric medication.

Pharmacogenetic research provides an opportunity to leave behind the dark ages of prescribing by trial and error, and to move into a new era of precise, personalized prescription based on an individual genetic composition of each patient.

Our overall research goals are 1) to investigate the genetics of plasma levels, response and side effects with psychotropic medications and 2) to develop implementation models of pharmacogenetics in clinical practice in order to improve psychiatric drug treatment.


We are deeply indebted to the patients and their families for their continued support in our research.

We would also like to thank the physicians for their referrals and for supporting our studies.